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February 1, 2013 posted by dre

healthy buffalo chicken dip

i like it hot.  spicy hot.  hottt.

healthy buffalo chicken dip

while spicy get’s me going…buffalo wings do not.  

not even a little bit.

i don’t know what it is about them that i despise so much…i mean, besides the name.  i call a chicken wing a chicken wing.  what does a buffalo have to do with the wing or the sauce??  there is no buffalo in wing sauce.  the label on frank’s red hot clearly states “cayenne pepper sauce”…so what’s up with that?

healthy buffalo chicken dip

okay, aside from “buffalo” wings being about the messiest appetizer i can imagine smearing onto my face, i know how they are made.  i read about it in a book called “the end of over eating” by david kessler.  want me to share?  (luckily, this might ruin wings for a few of you…forever!)  hah!

wings are one of the fattiest parts on the chicken, so why wouldn’t they deep fry it??  God bless america!!  usually they par-fry (or half-fry) the wings at the production plant before they get shipped to the restaurant.  this means, even in the unheard of circumstance of someone asking for “baked” buffalo wings, they would still already be fried.  i’ve seen a twice-baked potato on a menu…but never a twice-fried wing!  i mean really, who would order this?!?

okay, moving on to something much more appetizing…this healthy buffalo chicken dip!  

healthy buffalo chicken dip

still not sure where the buffalo comes into play…

last year, my husband and i attended a super bowl sunday party and i was introduced to buffalo chicken dip for the first time, ever.  (i know, i’m a little behind.)  i was so delighted at this new “high protein” dip that i asked for the recipe.  it was appalling.  i couldn’t believe i had even eaten it!

so this year, i’m taking control by hosting my own super bowl party and making my own healthy version of this delicious buffalo chicken dip.  it’s amazing.  and totally not healthy tasting! 

healthy buffalo chicken dip

my skinny version is much lower in fat and definitely higher in protein…

the only thing this super bowl recipe is missing is some deer antler spray! :)


healthy buffalo chicken dip

Rating: 51

healthy buffalo chicken dip

we also tried this with ground turkey instead of chicken and it was delicious!!


  • 10 oz neufchatel cream cheese (at room temperature)
  • 1 cup 0% greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp (spicy) ranch dips seasoning (spicy flavor optional)
  • 2/3 cup frank's red hot
  • 2 cups cooked shredded chicken
  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese (more if desired)


  1. put all the ingredients into your crockpot (if you've never used a slow-cooker liner before, i highly recommend it if you're into zero cleanup cooking like me!)
  2. set crockpot on low for 3-4 hours, stirring up every hour.
  3. if you don't have a crockpot, you can set your oven to 350 and prepare this in a glass dish covered with foil, baked for 25-30 min.

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