September 5, 2012 posted by dre

my new blog…

Let me start off by saying that I am a personal trainer and (as of recently) NPC bikini competitor…NOT a website designer!
I thought it would be cute and fun and exciting (and easy?!?) to start a little blog as a way for  clients to check out some of my healthy recipes online.  (Let’s be honest…I’m really about to take away every last excuse they have left for not making healthy food choices.)  Hah!
Okay, so it’s a little more involved than I expected; or maybe I’m just the polar opposite of technically savvy–probably the latter.  BUT, it’s finally here…my blog is LIVE!
Here’s my disclaimer: I am learning how to work this this whole WordPress blogging software as I type this and I still have no idea what HTML stands for; so please bear with me for a few weeks while I get some recipes loaded and try to make it look pretty for you.
Any help or advice is more than welcome!


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