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mason jar cookie mix favors

april showers…

…if i was actually referring to the weather, it would be pouring down rain right now!!
i’m pretty sure everyone i know is either about to get married or have a baby…and that means showers.  lots of showers.

diy mason jar monster cookie favors

i’m not really a baby/bridal shower type of girl.  i actually kinda suck at that whole aspect of being “girly.”  i love being creative, don’t get me wrong…but party planning is just not my thing!  however, about a year and a half ago, a few good friends and clients of mine threw my husband and me one of the greatest themed wedding showers ever…a night i will never forget.  fortunately for my dear friend getting married this month, those memories are what inspired me to get creative as i carried out my task of creating wedding shower favors.

after wasting several hours on pinterest and wanting to run with every cute idea i found…i had to shut it down.  i go into some kind of crazy time warp when i start looking on pinterest and before i know, it’s 11:45 and my entire evening is gone!  then it hit me.  my healthy(ish) monster cookie recipe!  …with colored m&m’s and cute little recipe tags!!  this might just be epic…a healthy mason jar cookie recipe!! (you know you wanna pin it!)

mason jar cookie gifts/favors...perfect for bridal or wedding showers! the best part is...the recipe is healthy!!

and fortunately for you…i’m posting everything here so you can make your own cute little party favors too!

first off, you’ll need to choose your color palate and download the recipe tag .pdf file.

i made several color options in case purple isn’t quite what you’re looking for…below are the links to the .pdf files of each different colored tag!  once you click on the link, you’ll be redirected to a new window containing the direct link which you can either click on to open the file and view it in your browser, or right-click it to save it to your computer.  piece of cake…except these tags are for cookies–not cake.

mason jar cookie gifts/favors...perfect for bridal or wedding showers! the best part is...the recipe is healthy!!

mason jar cookie gifts/favors...perfect for bridal or wedding showers! the best part is...the recipe is healthy!!
okay…detailed instructions are below!

(just for the record…trying to explain a ‘craft’ step-by-step is much more difficult than i imagined!)
here we goooo…

mason jar cookie mix favors

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mason jar cookie mix favors

these were such a hit at the shower, i'm already planning out colors for the next event i need favors for!


    cookie ingredients:
  • 6 cups coconut sugar {1/2 cup each}
  • 9 tsp baking soda {3/4 tsp each}
  • 2 1/4 cups milled flax seed {3 tbsp each}
  • 18 cups oats {1.5 cups each}
  • 24 oz. enjoy life chocolate chips {2 oz. each}
  • 24 oz. colored m&ms {2 oz. each}
  • for the favors:
  • 1 dozen pint-sized mason jars (i found a box of 12 for less than $10.00 at walmart!)
  • 3 yards (108 inches) 1/8" sheer organza ribbon (i used a darker shade here)
  • 3 yards (108 inches) 1/16" thin satin ribbon (i used a lighter shade here)
  • scissors
  • eyelet setter (i used this one, but i also found these)
  • 12 scrapbooking eyelets (1/8 in size)
  • 2 sheets card-stock for tags (and a printer--duh!)
  • optional:
  • 1 small piece of colored paper (for color accent around eyelet)
  • hole-punch
  • paper cutter/trimmer


  1. fill mason jars in the same order as listed in the ingredients, starting with the coconut sugar on the bottom. press down each ingredient layer tightly as you go...a pestle (as in a mortar & pestle) works great for this, or the flat top of a meat tenderizer mallet can also make a great tool! screw on lids.
  2. cut your ribbons in 9 inch lengths, place the the thinner satin ribbon on top of the sheer organza ribbon and tie tightly around the neck of the jar...(keeping the ribbon tight as i tied the knot was much easier with the help of my husband's finger!)
  3. download pdf file of tag color desired and print tags.
  4. cut into equal sized rectangles (approx 4" x 2.25") using scissors or paper cutter leaving about 1/2 inch above top line for hole and eyelet. trim corners off top and use first tag as a guide to trim other tags.
  5. using the eyelet setter, select the medium sized punch tip and create a hole in each tag, centered directly above the 'h' in the middle of the recipe title.
  6. optional accent: using the same medium sized punch tip, create 12 holes along the edge of your colored paper at least 1/4 inch apart. next, go along the holes and punch directly over each hole with a hole punch, so a tiny colored ring is created. (i had to punch a few more than 12 because not all of mine ended up perfectly centered!)
  7. place the colored rings around your eyelets and then through the hole in the tag. place it upside down on the eyelet setter mat and using the medium-sized silver eyelet tip, place setter directly in center of eyelet, press down and twist. the back of the eyelet will split and flatten against the cardstock.
  8. threading the eyelets...stack all 4 pieces of ribbon on top of each other and form into a 'c' shape to thread them through the eyelet together. then take each set of ribbons and tie together in a single knot as pictured...


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  • Hi there

    Thank you so much for the recipe, I will be using this as gifts for guests at my friend’s bridal shower! I have one question, is it necessary to use coconut sugar, or can normal white sugar be substituted ? If so, would I still need 6 cups or another conversion?

    Thanks again!


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