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October 17, 2012 posted by dre

jalapeño greek yogurt stuffed mushrooms

i just might be the queen of procrastination.  (probably so.)

i justify it by telling myself i work better under pressure.  (i do.)

this simple and quick appetizer was actually a fantastical result of my procrastination!  i love to be creative in the kitchen, but let’s get real…we don’t always have time for that!

if you have 10 minutes and $10 dollars, you too can impress all your friends and family with this deceptively easy “hors d’oeuvre”.

jalapeno greek yogurt stuffed portabello mushrooms

don’t act like you’re not impressed…

so what’s my secret to making it look so fancy and fabulous?  a wilton icing tip and ziplock sandwich baggie. that’s right. (i’m pretty sure calling them hors d’oeuvres helps too!)

jalapeño greek yogurt stuffed mushrooms

  • 1 large package of whole portabello mushrooms
  • 1 container of skotidakis jalapeño greek yogurt (available at costco)
  • cayenne (or paprika…if you can’t handle the heat)

other supplies:

  • wilton icing (decorating) tip #18
  • 1 ziplock sandwich bag (you can just cut a hole in the corner of the baggie if you don’t have an icing tip!)


  • wash and de-stem the mushrooms
  • place a standard coupler in corner of sandwich bag, cut a small hole and screw on the tip
  • fill bag with greek yogurt dip and zip closed with as little extra air in the bag as possible
  • twist the bag right above the contents and find a grip comfortable for you in which you can apply a steady pressure
  • squeeze dip into upside down mushroom caps in a circular pattern
  • sprinkle cayenne or paprika on top!

jalapeno greek yogurt stuffed portabello mushrooms





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