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(healthy) pumpkin oatmeal craisin walnut cookies
November 11, 2012 posted by dre

(healthy) pumpkin oatmeal craisin walnut cookies

i know that i’m new to this whole food blogging thing…but i’ve recently realized it’s nearly impossible to bake, shoot, edit, write, and post all in one day.  (and if…

pumpkin protein whip
October 8, 2012 posted by dre

pumpkin protein whip

whip it. whip it good. yeah, i have that song stuck in my head ever since making this delicious new healthy pumpkin whip recipe! (don’t ask why…i know it’s completely…

appetizers & snacks
October 1, 2012 posted by dre

cafe medi-inspired tzatziki dip

opa!!   cafe medi is the most ridiculously amazing greek restaurant in dallas/fort worth area and i happen to have the pleasure of living only a few miles away.  hah!…

September 28, 2012 posted by dre

lemon poppy seed protein cake

lemon + poppy seeds + protein = cake. delicious, moist, lemony cake that will brighten anyone’s day!  the cake part of this recipe is compliments of my sweet friend jenny….

paleo pumpkin protein pancakes
September 26, 2012 posted by dre

paleo pumpkin protein pancakes

pretty sure the best thing about fall is pumpkin. period. pumpkin decorations, carving pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, and of course… paleo pumpkin protein pancakes. duh! i almost gave up…

September 18, 2012 posted by dre

accidental almond butter cookie dough

accidents happen. most of the time it ends up a messy disaster, but sometimes (okay–on a few rare occasions) it turns out way more awesome than you could have ever imagined!! yes,…

September 14, 2012 posted by dre

protein party cupcakes…

a protein party in your mouth… this recipe is dedicated to the birthday boys at camp hero fitness! :) who doesn’t want a cupcake on their birthday??  yes, even personal…

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