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protein peanut butter cups

i use the word paleo with hesitation…i mean, what if they’re not really 100% paleo!?!***  i do not want some cross-fitting paleo-nazi to come attack my very first recipe posted!! i’ve read a few horror stories from bloggers who have since banned the word paleo from their blog entirely…yikes! so i’ll just throw it out there right now, these might not be paleo…but i’m pretty sure they are.  besides, the name “paleo peanut butter cups” sounds kinda cool…right??

***update: okay, these totally aren’t paleo…it actually made me laugh when i found out after posting this! so i kept the above paragraph for everyone’s amusement while my pride is underneath a bus somewhere, and i changed “paleo” to “protein”…ends up peanut butter is the only nut butter that is not paleo-permitted. go figure! :)

what I do know for sure is that this recipe is 100% clean!  i took a test batch up to the gym to let a few trainers and clients try them out.  after i calmed their initial hesitation about getting caught eating a peanut butter cup in the gym, the results were orgasmic. (seriously…this was real feedback!) 

protein peanut butter cups:

  • 4 oz organic coconut oil (make sure it’s in a liquid form before mixing)
  • 4 oz unsweetened organic cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp organic peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp organic agave
  • 1 tbsp splenda or stevia (or sweetener of choice…add more if you like it sweeter)
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (30-35 grams)
center & topping:
  • 2 tbsp organic peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp chopped walnuts

i mix the first 2 ingredients together until smooth, then stir in each ingredient separately in order.  using a little cookie dough scoop, fill cupcake papers each 1/4 full.  freeze for 5 min. remove and place a small dollop of peanut butter (or a really big dollop if you’re totally obsessed with peanut butter–you know who you are!!) in the middle of each cup.  next add more chocolate into each cup to cover the peanut butter and top each with 1/2 tsp of chopped walnuts.  freeze for 10 more minutes before eating.  store in freezer.

these are really best frozen…room temperature cups should be eaten at your own risk!

you can make these into petite peanut butter cups too!!
p.s. new cookie dough cups recipe coming soon!!!

yes, get excited!! :)

off topic…where did the word ‘dollop’ even come from!?! anyone??


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  • Love it!!! Kept my attention the whole time with your enthusiast

    • thanks so much haley! maybe having a little deliciousbydre in your life will help you not to miss me out in new mexico~~as much!! ;)
      miss your smile & energy in the gym…

  • I literally stared at the first picture for 5 straight minutes before reading the rest. Lol. I will definitely try these out. THANKS!!!!

    • you are so welcome! i have a fun “cookie dough cup” recipe coming soon i bet you will love!!! :)

  • Love it! Great Recipe and I can’t wait to try it!!!
    I’m TOTALLY not a Paleo Nazi, but just wanted to let you know why these are not paleo…because of the peanut butter. Paleo means no legumes and peanuts are actually a legume. BUT – if you use almond butter then these would be totally paleo!

  • Opps, just read that you already found that out on your own! Never mind :)

    • haha! yes…i couldn’t believe it!! it was actually funny to me!! i’m very excited to start experimenting more with paleo…i’m doing all my research first this time though!! :)

  • Keep the recieps coming !!! i love following your blog!! deff trying them all once comp prep is over this weekend :)

    • yayyy!! thanks so much!! :)
      so…what show did you compete in & how did you do!?

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