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July 30, 2014 posted by Dre

delicious by dre | blog update

hello friends!!

i want to start by saying thank you.  thank you for your patience and love and never-ending support!  deliciousbydre wouldn’t be possible without you! 

since i last posted, my life has been turned upside down… and so has my blog!

delicious by dre blog

for those of you who follow me on facebook, you may have seen the update i posted about my blog accidentally getting deleted by my server.  yeah… deleted!  you know, just a minor mistake only costing me hundreds of hours to fix!! (not cool host gator, not cool.)  the last backup they had still leaves me with 25 recipes to be restored… an overwhelming task to say the least.

so here’s the plan… a recipe-a-day(ish) for the next month!  (plus i’ve got a little surprise planned for you in the upcoming months that i’ll be revealing later this week!  i’m so excited, i can hardly stand it!!)

if you haven’t subscribed yet and don’t wanna miss all the upcoming excitement… just fill out your name and email below and we’ll be sure you don’t miss a single recipe. :)

the main purpose of this informative little update is to let you know what to expect over the next month; you won’t be bombarded with an email-a-day forever, i promise.  for all my current readers, just think of this as a little re-fresher for any recipes you may have missed along the way! :)  and for any of you dying to make a recipe that is currently unavailable… i’ll show you a secret trick to use until all is restored over the next few weeks.

the website i’m about to show you literally saved my sanity when i found about my blog getting wiped.  it’s called  it allows you to set the date back and view my website as it was prior to my server’s epic fail (july 2014).  you will be able to access all the lost blog posts, pictures, and recipes.  if you have received broken link/error messages when trying to access recipes via pinterest, i am so very sorry.  i understand how frustrating that can be and want to help you in any way i can.

thanks again for being awesome.  stay tuned… and stay delicious, my friends.

xoxo – dre

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