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recipes using protein powder

September 18, 2012 posted by dre

accidental almond butter cookie dough

accidents happen. most of the time it ends up a messy disaster, but sometimes (okay–on a few rare occasions) it turns out way more awesome than you could have ever imagined!! yes,…

September 14, 2012 posted by dre

protein party cupcakes…

a protein party in your mouth… this recipe is dedicated to the birthday boys at camp hero fitness! :) who doesn’t want a cupcake on their birthday??  yes, even personal…

September 12, 2012 posted by dre

protein peanut butter cups

i use the word paleo with hesitation…i mean, what if they’re not really 100% paleo!?!***  i do not want some cross-fitting paleo-nazi to come attack my very first recipe posted!!…

September 11, 2012 posted by dre

chewy chocolate chip cookies

chewy and gooey.  two of my favorite qualities a cookie could ever possess.  this cookie is both chewy and gooey and also has the ability to make me salivate while…

September 9, 2012 posted by dre

skinny chocolate chip cookie dough

before the cookie, there was the cookie dough… okay, confession session: sometimes my cookie dough never even makes it in the oven.  (i am not condoning this type of behavior!)  this cookie…

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