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key lime white chocolate cookies

these sweetly refreshing, soft and chewy, key lime cookies have just the right amount of tartness paired with sweet white chocolate… summertime in a cookie.

key lime white chocolate cookies

have you ever been so busy with life that you forget about something that’s kind of a big deal??

like a birthday… or anniversary?  …or a blogiversary!?!  yeah… that’s the one i forgot about.  it was actually 1 week ago… i know, i know, i’m sorry.  i just wanted to say thanks for hanging out, reading my randomness, and offering endless feedback and fresh, new ideas for a whole year now!  i love you all.

so to make up for my forgetfulness, i’m bringing you a recipe featuring the best citrus flavor that ever existed… key lime.  for me, it’s that one flavor that automatically trumps all other flavors.  if you’re not a fan of key lime… then  i don’t quite understand.

key lime white chocolate cookies

i had no idea this dreamy key lime cake mix even existed… then i saw these on pinterest! :) only friends of a food blogger would think to give fun flavored cake mix boxes as a gift!  …or maybe i’m the only one who gets excited about that sort of thing.  needless to say, my brain started churning the moment i opened this epic gift.

then it hit me… out of all the delicious key lime recipes i’ve tried ~ from frozen yogurt to grilled chicken ~ i’d never had a key lime cookie!!  15 minutes later… i took cake box cookies to a whole new, more sophisticated level… not too sweet, and finished with a citrusy zing!

i know some of you may cringe when you hear the words “cake box” come out of a baker’s mouth.
{probably much like english teachers who get squeamish reading my all lowercase typography.}
however, cake box cookies have a special place in my heart.  in case you missed this hilarious post about my moms limited cooking experience, i’ll just say… my (step)dad was the chef. :) i remember one of the first times mom and i made cake box cookies together; i just loved them!  they were the softest, chewiest, yummiest cookies… and easy enough for a child to help whip together!  one time we even stuck popsicle sticks in them and made cookie lollipops!  at this point, i was sure i had the coolest mom ever and would not even entertain the idea of trying a new cookie recipe… which probably killed any culinary creativity my mom had inside her right then and there.  haha!  so the cake box cookies live on. :)

key lime white chocolate cookieshappy one year blogiversary… and thanks for all your support!  you are the best!

key lime white chocolate cookies

key lime white chocolate cookies


  • 1 box key-lime cake mix (or cookie mix)
  • 1/3 c melted coconut oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 c. chopped white chocolate (or chips)


  1. preheat oven to 350 degrees and line baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat liner.
  2. add the melted coconut oil to the cake mix and roughly mix it together before adding egg (a cold egg mixed directly with the melted coconut oil will change the liquid state of the oil!).
  3. stir in white chocolate.
  4. using a cookie scoop, spoon 1.5 tbsp sized balls onto cookie sheet about 1.5"-2" apart and press down lightly.
  5. bake for 10 min then remove from oven and allow cookies to rest on cookie sheet about 5-10 more minutes before transferring to cooling rack.

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